Stakeholder engagement and assessment methods to design & deliver user centric spaces

Competitiveness amongst Universities, changing expectations from students, rising fees, introduction of new frameworks and the rapid pace of change occurring with technology is changing the entire education landscape.

New campus development, as well as re-lifing and retrofitting existing spaces can create an opportunity to disrupt traditional ways of teaching and transform the way in which students interact and learn, but it must be approached in the right way.

It is clear therefore, to attract and retain students, as well as improve engagement and drive better results; the classroom of the future must utilize the physical space effectively, whilst leveraging tech-driven innovations that support the innovative environment and teaching approaches.

Clearly, understanding how existing spaces are performing by leveraging, ratings tools and post occupancy assessment will be key.

With this in mind, this year’s event will continue to focus on process of creating innovative, comfortable, accessible, flexible, collaborative, and aesthetically pleasing and technology enabled spaces, but fit will evolve to cover performance assessment of spaces

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Hear 22 leading experts including Technical University of Denmark, University of Oxford, University of California and University of Glasgow provide exclusive insights into how they improved learning & teaching through space design and assessment to help you attain better results and enhance the student experience.


Learn how to avoid time delays and cost blow outs by optimising every stage of your project from concept, design through to delivery via project case studies from top 20 globally ranked universities.


Gain a 360 perspective from Heads of Learning & Teaching, IT, AV, Estates, Planning and Space on how to collaborate effectively on your next big project.

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Join us as we bring together senior-level professionals from undergraduate and professional degree granting institutions, whose day-to-day focus is on reinventing and re-imagining student learning, teaching technology and classroom design. Next Generation Learning Spaces will also include the perspective of architects, designers and technology providers seeking to inspire today's learners with a academically rewarding experience.

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