21st-22nd March 2018 | United Kingdom

Grant Kanik

Associate Principal and Senior Vice President

9:30 AM Workshop A: Post Occupancy Evaluation of Physical Learning Environments

In order to develop user centric learning spaces that meet pedagogical, space and technology requirements, it is critical to assess and evaluate existing spaces.  Evidence-based design and continuous design improvement will rely on a variety of tools to capture both quantitative and qualitative feedback from user groups. With this in mind, this workshop will take you through a step-by step guide on how to create a post occupancy strategy, execute it and assess findings.

With this in mind, this workshop will provide you with the tools to:

  • Communicate the purpose and importance of Post Occupancy Evaluation in determining space improvements
  • Create an effective POE strategy, identify key issues that must be addressed
  • Identify key roles and functions that should take ownership at each stage of the process and develop an effective brief
  • Conduct a POE through surveys, interviews, meetings and observations:
  • Assess key findings: Leveraging digital and non digital tools to assess People, Process, Technology and Physical Spaces
  • Structure, prepare and present key findings to key stakeholders
  • Utilise the findings to improve the effectiveness of physical learning environments

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Grant .

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