The 7 Point Check-List For Learning Space Success

The past 15 years have seen the education sector undergo a rapid evolution with respect to the tools and apparatus involved in the learning experience.

As well as a whole new approach to the pedagogue/learner relationship, the needs and expectations of the 21st century learner have markedly changed. Those embarking on tertiary education in an undergraduate or postgraduate guise today, are likely to have been part of the first wave growing up entirely in the “Digital Age”.

The learning space itself has become a fulcrum of the modern day experience like never before, and one of the key criteria that governs its longevity of success is the ability to future-proof it.

In the following analysis, we have picked the brains of architects, academics and estate directors to come up with an sevenpoint check-list of the ways, means and motivations that will ensure that our next generation learning spaces don't become last generation's learning spaces.

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